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Guernsey Finance on meeting Sustainable Development Goals

Guernsey’s Green Fund Rules offer a framework to combine financial return with environmental benefit, writes Dominic Wheatley, chief executive of Guernsey Finance.

Proskauer: Funds should prepare for worst-case Brexit scenario

The law firm advises funds to act now to put contingency plans in place for a no-deal split between the UK and EU.

Jersey’s online fund applications process could ‘revolutionize’ sector

New technology and tools should speed up the authorization process.

Sweden’s tax clampdown on carry sparks fund backlash

Swedish funds are considering their future in the country after the nation's top court affirmed that carry should be taxed as income, not capital.

Fund jurisdictions in five charts: the Netherlands

The country has one big advantage over other jurisdictions: a fund structured as a limited partnership is tax exempt.

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