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All in the same boat

US managers navigating changes to interest deductibility rules can turn to their British and German counterparts for advice and, if they’re lucky, hope.

Voting starts now in the PEI Awards 2017!

The polls are open for our annual awards – don’t miss the chance to have your say.

Battle of the sexes

GPs must engage both men and women equally in conversations about fostering gender diversity, but the real drive will come from investors.

NPPRs: the answer to post-Brexit fundraising blues

Even without a passport, UK-based GPs could find it surprisingly easy to access EU capital after the country leaves the EU.

The valuation revolution

The next 12 months are set to transform the valuations landscape for alternative investment funds.

From back office to center stage

The role of the private fund CFO has grown beyond all recognition, according to new research.

Broken-deal expenses: be clear who pays

Co-investments are becoming more frequent, but policies outlining who pays up when a deal falls through are not always updated at the same pace.

GDPR: final call for compliance plans

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force next May so it’s crucial firms prioritise their compliance.

Are LPs are ignoring operational due diligence?

Investors in private equity need to pay closer attention to the operational infrastructure of their managers, writes Hamilton Lane's Mario Giannini.

Business as usual at the SEC… almost

Enforcement action from the SEC is falling. Is the agency becoming a soft-touch regulator?

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