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Want to raise money from Europeans? It’s about to get harder

Revisions to AIFMD are going to make reverse solicitation more difficult without a passport, writes lawyer Matija Repolusk.

Why you should follow TowerBrook and become a B Corp

The private equity firm broke ground when it earned its B Corp accreditation: it looks like a very smart move.

Cash doesn’t lie

Cashflow forecasting isn’t standard practice, but it should be. Anthony Horvat of Accordion lays out the myths that are holding it back.

Swimming against the carry tax tide

While the rest of the world is nudging up the tax payable on carried interest, Hong Kong is mulling a move the other way.

Why Hong Kong needs to change its view of carry

If it wants to compete with other regional private equity hubs, the territory needs to solve the issue of the tax treatment of carried interest, writes KPMG China's Darren Bowdern.

A lesson from the rise and fall of Bill McGlashan

The actions of TPG in light of criminal charges against its head of impact may well enhance its reputation among investors.

When are the robots coming?

And when they get here, what will they do?

Why ‘shadow banking’ in Europe does not need more rules

Further regulation of non-bank lending is unnecessary, a new white paper argues. It’s time to look at the smaller picture within individual member states.

Secondaries: ‘Complex and conflict riddled,’ but not all bad

Investors have valid concerns about secondaries processes; that does not mean you should not be considering one.

PE will be disrupted, but not by robots

Fee rancor, rather than technological change, will ultimately shake up the private equity world order.

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