The audience at the PERE CFOs and COOs Forum in New York on May 8 will have a special opportunity to anonymously ask questions on the SEC’s released exam priorities for 2019 and the continued focus on cybersecurity, disclosure of fees and expenses, conflicts of interest and utilization of subscription credit facilities.

In addition to fielding questions from the audience, Ryan Hinson, securities compliance examiner at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Marshall Sprung, who is Blackstone’s global head of compliance, have agreed to address a select number of questions from our PERE and pfm readers about what’s potentially in store for private real estate fund managers, as well as insights into how the SEC views fees and expenses and conflicts of interest specifically for closed end real estate fund managers.

Please submit your questions to Arleen Buckley by email at by Friday, April 26. All questions will be kept in strictest confidence.

We expect a very informative dialogue on how best to prepare your firm in case the SEC comes knocking on your door.

There are still delegate places available to attend the annual PERE CFOs and COOs Forum. Go to the website for more details today!